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With a variety of vans in our fleet, we have the right equipment to get your horses where you need them to go.  Whether you need to ship one horse to a local Colorado show or barn, a ride to or from the airport, transportation across the country, or need a full charter to a horse show, RunAmok can handle all of your horse shipping needs.​

Each horse is carefully looked after during the entire trip.  All of our vans have video monitoring, air-ride, interior lights, and loading ramps. We stop frequently to enter the trailer to visually inspect every horse, and refill water buckets and hay. ​ Each van offers a variety of stall configurations to meet your individual needs. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions before shipping your horse. 

















Direct routes

Local, national, and international routes

Horse show charters with equipment 

Stall-and-half or box stalls are available on every trailer

Reasonable amount of equipment allowed at no additional charge

All of our trailers are video monitored and air ride equipped for the most comfortable and worry-free trip

Trailers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each trip


We strive to offer competitive and affordable shipping rates. Our pricing is dependent on the route, mileage, number of horses, and stall sizes.  To get a customized quote or to obtain more information on our services, please fill out and submit our online quote form or contact us anytime. 

*We are proud to provide a military discount to military members and their immediate family members*


Our standard and most economical standing stall available on every van.  Horses ride side by side, share hay, and each horse has their own water bucket.  Full floor to withers height dividers between horses.


Large and comfortable. Our box stalls are similar to your horse's barn stall.  They are the full width of the van and allow horses to move, turn around, and lower their head to eat.  Available on every van.

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What paperwork is required to ship my horse?

For interstate travel, you will need a legible, original health certificate dated within 30 days of ​the departure date, as well as a negative Coggins dated within one year.  Digital copies of health papers must be emailed to our office within 5 days of shipment for verification. Hard copies must be provided to drivers at departure. Health papers are checked prior to boarding your horse(s) onto the van.  Most horse shows also require a health certificate and a negative Coggins for entry onto the show grounds.  It is up to the owner to know the specific requirements of entry to the show grounds prior to departure. Digital photos of health papers are not permitted, all information, including signatures must be visible.


What do I need to send with my horse for transport?

We strongly suggest that you send enough hay for your horse's entire trip.  We believe it is better to keep them on their own hay during the trip to alleviate any stress from the change of feed.  Additionally, you may send a sheet or blanket, a halter, lead, and a reasonable amount of equipment (1 trunk, bag, etc.). Rope halters are not permitted for long distance or out of state travel.  You will need to provide a leather (preferred) or nylon halter for your horse(s).


What equipment can be sent with my horse?

Horse equipment only.  A reasonable amount of equipment (i.e. 1 trunk, tub, bag, saddle) may be sent with your  horse on a space available basis.  Our first priority is space and safety for horses.  Only equipment provided to our office (itemized list) or items listed on shipping form will be placed on the van.  All equipment must be clearly labeled with your horse's name.  Loose or miscellaneous items must be contained in a trunk, tub or bag.  Large flight boxes/chests must be approved at time of booking and may incur an additional charge.  For horse show charters, we can accommodate all of your equipment, however, you must provide adequate help to load and unload equipment at either end of the trip.

Will you feed grain during the trip?

We typically only feed hay and water .  However,  we will feed special supplements or horse feed if necessary. Please make arrangements with our office in advance of travel for special feeds or medication. We will give oral paste medication, if needed, such as UlcerGard.​  

Should I use shipping boots or wrap my horse for the trip?

That decision is entirely up to the owner, but you should only put wraps/boots on your horse if you know they will tolerate them for duration of the trip.  Many horses stomp and kick after having them on for long periods of time.  If that happens, we will take the wraps/boots off and will not put them back on for the remainder of the trip. 

Will you take sheets/blankets on or off during the trip?

Yes, at the driver's discretion.  ​We do our best to keep the horses comfortable during the trip.  If the temperature outside/inside the trailer changes significantly during the trip we will blanket or un-blanket accordingly.  We also frequently adjust the trailer windows to help regulate the temperature and air flow for the horses.  Sometimes we receive horses from international quarantine or climates that do not require sheets; we carry a limited number of RunAmok sheets on the van and will loan them to horses on the van during the trip, if necessary.  *Please send a sheet with your horse during cool weather travel*.

How often do you stop during the trip?  

We typically stop at least every 3 hours to check horses, refill water buckets and hay, and allow the horses to rest. Additionally, our trailers are video monitored so drivers can stop promptly if a problem arises with a horse.  We may stop more frequently or for longer periods of time if weather or road conditions become unsafe for travel, or if the horses require more attention.  We try to schedule trips and routes around major storms.  Depending on the route and destination, horses may be laid over at one of our top quality layover barns.  If a layover is necessary, we will discuss that with you at the time of booking or if it becomes necessary during the trip. 

What size stall is best for my horse?

Stall size is up to the owner and horse's needs.  We only ship in stall-and-a-half or box stalls.  Box stalls are larger, allowing your horse to turn around, lower their head to eat their hay, and stretch out.  Stallions are required to ship in a box stall.  A mare and her foal will ship together in a box stall. A stall-and-a-half offers plenty of room for large horses and may be a more economical option.  In either size stall, horses always have access to hay and water and each stall is bedded with plenty of shavings.  Please call or email us to discuss stall size options for your horse, or combinations of stall sizes when shipping multiple horses. 

My horse may be difficult to load or has limited travel experience, is this a problem?

In most cases, no.  However, please advise our office of this at time of booking so that we can allow extra time and plan          accordingly.

Do the drivers have horse experience?

Yes.  Everyone at RunAmok has extensive horse experience and are also horse owners.  Meet Team RunAmok.

Do you offer discounts for military members?

Yes!  We are proud to support military members and families and offer discounts on shipping with proof of military service.

How can I get a quote to ship my horse?

To get a quote you can submit an online quote, call us at 303-324-6486, or send us an email.   


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Our fleet of trucks and horse vans are meticulously maintained and offer exceptional safety and comfort for your horse.  Our vans are custom built, air-ride equipped, and offer a variety of configurations to meet your needs.  We operate both semi vans and horse goose-neck trailers.  Box stalls and stall-and-half standing stalls are available on every van.

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