In addition to equine transportation, we sell and deliver premium bulk wood shavings to local show barns and private facilities within the Colorado Front Range. We source our premium shavings from local Colorado mills, and offer two different types of shavings for you to choose from. 

Our shavings are sold in 100-125 yard (depending on weight / moisture content) quantities per delivery.  Please note that your property must be able to accommodate a semi truck's large size, height, weight, and turning radius for delivery (we can help you determine this). 

Parker, CO
Canon City, CO
Castle Rock, CO
Loading in Canon City, CO
Evergreen, CO
Littleton, CO
Sedalia, CO



Finer shavings that are more absorbent and lead to less waste when cleaning stalls.

Canon City


Larger chip/flake shavings that are slightly less dusty and offer good absorbency.